Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Me thinking about Sixpoint

It's my favorite brewery for a reason. And yes, I do think about it constantly.


  1. Nice interlude from your normal panel reviews.

    I have a buddy who also thoroughly enjoys Six Point. He says they don't distribute in the New England area and he can only get it on tap in a few local bars. Have you had better luck finding it up your way?


  2. No! I haven't had any luck finding it in VT. You can get it at a ton of bars on tap in Boston- Bukowski's, Atwood's, Sunset, Redbones, Cambridge Common, just to name a few. They just started bottling...I think. Hopefully it finds its way into liquor stores soon, I haven't had it in forever! If you find it, get their Bengali Tiger IPA. Best IPA I've EVER HAD.