Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Imperial IPA reviewed!


  1. You forgot to mention that it's really cheap!

  2. Yes! $6 for deliciousness!!

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  4. Well, you know how IBUs go. Is it calculated or empirical? Theoretical IBU correlations are non linear and dependent on hop alpha acid percentages, isomerization time, and gravity, and depending on who came up with the correlation they can vary significantly. Also there is a limit to IBU solubility and it's dependent on things like wort density and dextrin levels, which most common IBU calculations do not take into account. I believe Hop Stoopid employs hop extract for bittering as well, which could add another wrench into the works when figuring these things out. So, who knows? I just tend not to think about it...

    1. Look at you being all smart. =) And yeah, it gets complicated. I'll just drink it and if it's good- awesome. I'm only a participant in this beautiful game called beer.