Thursday, May 19, 2011

An open note to the beer world: please hire me

Dear beer world:

I would like to work for you. I carry a very good work record, have an MFA from a silly and wonderful college in VT, have wonderful recommendations, and will move anywhere looking to hire an assistant in any aspect of the beer world.

Okay, a little about me.

I discovered beer after I graduated from college and moved to Boston to work a weird job at Fenway Park that involved drug dealers and ex-roadies (this job only lasted six weeks...although I got to sit in the President of the Red Sox's chair and hug the World Series trophy!). Living in Boston, one cannot escape the beer bars...those wonderful institutions that carried California's finest to Belgium's most wonderful. Every time I went out, I encountered a different beer. It was magical.

After living in Boston, I found out I was accepted to the best comic book graduate program in America (okay, the ONLY comic book graduate program in the country) which is in Vermont. After the first year of comic book boot camp, I developed Pints and Panels, a comic beer review that I have been doing ever since. I love doing it but comics these days are really just a hobby for most people so that's what it is to me. But I'll be doing it until I'm dead, make no mistake.

Now that I have graduated, I'd like to work for the beer industry in any aspect. I have three years of executive assistance experience at a very high end asset management firm in Boston where I was assistant to basically everyone from the chairman to the IT department. I'd love to use those skills but in a beer setting.

Please hire me. You won't regret it. If you'd like my resume, please email me at

Thank you,
Em Sauter


  1. I love drinking liquor, but i don't like being drunk. So drink moderately.

  2. Whoever you are, I agree with you. One a day- that's the rule!