Pints and Panels

I'm Em, MFA graduate of cartooning from the famed Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT and founder of Pints and Panels! I'm a cartoonist, beer judge, and public speaker. I currently reside in my home state of Connecticut, am an Advanced Cicerone™ and a BJCP Certified Judge. My first book Beer is for Everyone! (of Drinking Age) was published in 2017 by One Peace Books.

I discovered great beer in 2006 when I lived near Sunset Grill and Tap Room (sadly now closed) in Boston. After that day- beer became a big factor in my life. I went to graduate school in VT, home to some of America's most respected breweries and after that, lived in Oregon for over a year working at 16 Tons Beer Shop in Eugene.

I started this website as a time-filler in May of 2010. Beer is like music -- it is infinite. That's what I like about beer -- there's always more to try.

I hope that my website can help point you in the right direction on good beer in the world to drink. With so many breweries opening up at the moment, let my comics be a guide to educate you on the many stellar beers on the shelves today.